According to a report, Microsoft will work with Google to create web apps for Android devices. These apps can be
It should be noted that this application related to Corona virus gives each user an ID which keeps their information
In future, every device that needs network access will be already integrated with 5G. And we are not only talking
FIFA Mobile 20
With internet at slow speed, it gives you a small gap of time before Hazard pops up. First of all,
Starlink is a project started by SpaceX, a company run by Elon Musk. The main aim of Starlink is to
There are a lot of apps available for Android and iOS users to listen and download music. The most famous
Artificial Intelligence is playing an important role in our lives. With time AI is getting more involved in our daily
Facebook, a platform of 3 billion users with an annual revenue of 70 billion dollars all built on targeted ads.
Google bans 25 malicious apps from Play Store discovered by a French cyber-security company. Delete them immediately if you recognize
India China tension
India always had a complex relation with her neighbouring countries after the independence. Recently, things escalated with China when India