cmd commands
Command Prompt is one of the most powerful tools in Windows. We can use it to perform any task. However,
Antivirus for Android
According to some studies, around 3 billion people use Android smartphones. As they have become a part of our lives,
Logo apps for Android
Logo is a small design which is adopted by a company or an organization to identify its product or business.
There are various download managers and plugins available on internet to download videos and music but most of them require
Blockchain outage
According to Blockchain, they are still investigating the issue and the users can be assured that their funds will remain
cyber security in healthcare
Cyber security deals with all aspects of security in information and communication technology. As the degree of networking of medical
Fiber Optic
Like any Internet connection, fiber-optic Internet download speeds rely upon your connection. Not all fiber connections are made equivalent, much
Computer Virus
Nowadays, technology has conquered us. There are many advantages and disadvantages of technology, depending on how we take its use.
Alzheimer Disease
Algorithm, a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in preparatory phase 4, having the high chance success. Being developed by researchers
Crack Cocaine
Just put some cocaine powder in a cooking pot. Add some baking powder to it. Then break the mixture of